Cough Syrup

Image Name Packing Composition Visual Aids
Justkof T Drops 15 ml With Carton + Dropper Ambroxol HCl,Guaiphenesin & Terbutaline Drops Details
Justkof D Kid 60ml With Carton Dextromethorphan + PhenylEphrine + Cpm Drops Details
Justkof B 60ml With Carton Terbutaline 1.25mg + Bromhexine 2mg + Guaiphenesin 50mg + Menthol 0.5mg Details
Justkof AD 60ml With Carton Dextromethorphan 10 mg + Ambroxol 15 mg + Cpm 2 mg + Phenylephrine 5 mg Details
Justkof A Junior 60ml With Carton Terbutaline 1.25 mg + Ambroxol 15 mg+ Guaiphenesin 50 mg Details
Justkof D Junior 60ml With Carton Dextromethorphan + Phenylephrine 5 mg + CPM 2 mg Details
Justkof - A . Terbutaline Sulphate + Ambroxol HCL + Guaiphenesin + Menthol Details
Justkof- A Kid 30ml Terbutaline 0.25 mg+ Ambroxol 3 mg Guaiphenesin 10mg Syrup Details
Justkof- L Kid Drops 30ml Levosalbutamol 0.25 mg+ Ambroxol 7.5mg + Guaiphenesin 13.5mg . Drops Details
Justkof ZM 100ml With Carton Levodropropizine 30 mg + Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg Syrup Details
Justkof L Kid Drops 15ml 15ml With Carton+Dropper Levosalbutamol 0.25 mg+ Ambroxol 7.5 mg Guaiphenesin 12.5 mg Syrup Details
Justkof L Junior 60ml With Carton Levosalbutamol 0.5mg+ Ambroxol 15 mg Guaiphenesin 50mg Syrup Details