Image Name Packing Composition Visual Aids
Uzilanz 15 Alu Alu 10X10 Lansaprazole 15mg Dispersible Tablets Details
Uziran 100ml With Carton Ranitidine 75 mg/5 ml Syrup Details

High-Quality Anti-Ulcers Range For PCD Pharma Franchise 

Unibyte Kids is the best option for a High-Quality anti-ulcers range For PCD Pharma Franchise. Anti-Ulcer and Antacid Medicines are used to treat stomach-related issues such as a painful sort of disease Both the Anti-Ulcer and Antacid medicines are highly demanded and most effective medicines in the market. Here are certain medicines like Uzilanz 15, and Uziran also standing beside these two.

Ulcers can be of many types these are the sores on the skin or inside the body. It can be foot, stomach, mouth est. Stomach ulcer occurs Due to some bacterium infections or when the layer of mucus starts damaging because of the digestive juice in the stomach. These are also called gastric ulcers. 

  • Uzilanz 15 – Uzilanz 15 is the tablets of salt Lansoprazole in it. Which helps in the proper treatment of peptic ulcers.
  • Uziran – Uziran is the solution of the salt Ranitidine which gives instant relief in the ulcer pain as it helps to reduce the amount of acid in the stomach.

Start A Pharma franchise in Antacid and Anti-Ulcer medicines

Food is a necessity of life. No living being can neglect food. The proper functioning of the stomach depends upon our diet and whatever we are eating so the pancreas and digestive system will work accordingly. Pharma and medicine is the field that is never going to take a U-turn. The demand for medicines is always going to increase in future. A Pharma franchise is that segment of the market that will give you various business and growth opportunities. On that, the Antacid and Anti-Ulcer medicines are on top of the demanded medicines.

When It comes to kids the disease becomes more painful and even treatment becomes a challenge because of the sensitives of the kids. Here we have ISO, WHO and GMP Certified Company “UNIBYTES KIDS”. It is proud to mention that this company holds such a high position in the market with a wide range of supreme quality drugs that are recommended by several reputed and experienced specialists.

Choose The Best PCD Pharma Franchise For Anti-Ulcer Range - Unibyte Kids

Considering the birth rate in India it is crystal clear that the franchise in the pediatric range is going to be the best career choice. Without giving a second thought, go with Unibyte Kids because it is going to prove itself by offering exclusive deals in terms of proper quality, quantity, marketing strategies, product functioning, different rights of its associates and growth and opportunities.

Why Choose Unibyte Kids? 

  1. It has a wide area of networks.
  2. Goodwill through its proper certification.
  3. Better command of products and services.
  4. Monopoly rights, there will be no fear of any competitor in the same area.
  5. Give proper updates to associates by providing monthly new visual aids and promotional material for newly launched products.
  6. Every form of medicine available Tablets, capsules, syrups, drops, suspensions etc.
  7. Only a few documents and a small amount of investment are needed.

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