Image Name Packing Composition Visual Aids
Hybelzin (6mg/ml) 30ml With Carton+Dropper Hydroxyzine 6mg/ml Syrup 15 ml Details
Fexgear Kid 60ml With Carton Fexofenadine 30 mg  Suspension Details
Dezkid Suspension 30ml With Carton Deflazacort Details

Best Quality Anti-Allergic Range 

Allergy is a rare human health problem that develops as a result of ingesting anything that doesn't agree with you or living in unsuitable settings. Unibyte Kids specializes in the production of anti-allergic medicines in India. Antihistamines, anti-inflammatories, anti-allergics, corticosteroids, decongestants, combination therapies, and other medications are available from the company. Our company is a licensed maker of high-quality anti-allergic drugs for the Indian pharmaceutical industry.

The company is delivering the greatest quality, packaging, and promotional services to our medication franchises, allowing them to expand their business to new heights. Hydroxyzine, Deflazacort, and Fexofenadine are antiallergic medications that we deliver in the form of syrup, solution, and drops. Anti-allergic medications are affordable and come in both prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) forms. For the franchise company, we supply DCGI-WHO-approved drug solutions at extremely competitive pricing. Investing in the Anti-Allergic Medicine Range can be a wise choice.

Scope of Anti-Allergic Medicine for Kids in India

Allergies are prevalent in children, and thankfully, there are a variety of effective medications available to help you manage your child's allergy symptoms. Anti-allergy or antihistamine medicines are predicted to reach USD 280 million by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 9.8%. The market for antihistamines is booming in India, because of rising healthcare spending.

Because of its rising market worth, many hopefuls have picked the anti-allergic medicine category. Pharmacists and chemists are requesting an increasing number of medicines as demand grows. This increase in pharmaceutical requirements can be attributed to a number of factors. Furthermore, the CAGR seen this year in the anti-allergic spectrum was fairly productive. Even launching a business in this range is quite inexpensive and accessible to the general public. Anti-Allergic Medicine's Future: What Are the Factors Affecting Its Growth?

  • Consumption of Toxic and junk food
  • Increase in pollution in air and water
  • Sudden change in weather
  • An unhealthy lifestyle of people leads to different environmental conditions. 

Quality Anti Allergic Medicines are Available at Unibyte Kids

Medication for children's health is receiving a lot of attention. People are spending more money on such medications in order to maintain their bodies free of allergies. Unibyte Kids provides high-end anti-allergic remedies in the form of drops, syrup, and suspension for children. Every anti-allergic drug is created, manufactured, and produced in accordance with internationally recognized medical guidelines. Our professionals have guaranteed that the greatest Pediatric pharma business division is brought to the table.
  • Hybelzin(Hydroxyzine 6mg/ml Syrup 15 ml)- Hybelzin is an antihistamine that is used to alleviate allergies-related irritation. It inhibits the action of the natural chemical histamine, which causes itching and hives on the skin.
  • Dezkid Suspension(Deflazacort)- Asteroid drugs, such as Deflazacort Syrup, are a type of medication. It's used to treat a wide range of illnesses and disorders, including inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, as well as cancer.
  • Fexgear Kid(Fexofenadine 30 mg  Suspension)- In children, fexofenadine syrup is used to treat a number of symptoms associated with allergic disorders such as hay fever, urticaria (hives), conjunctivitis (red, itchy eye), and the common cold.

Best Quality Parameters are being Followed by The Company

Unibyte Kids has the greatest quality management staff in the industry, which monitors each manufacturing cycle from raw materials to commercialization. To express effectivity in our products, we use fine dynamic fixing and top-notch unpolished material. Furthermore, we have high-tech gear and cutting-edge innovation on our premises, which enables us to produce high-quality, innovative pharmaceuticals in a short amount of time. We have various, and we have embraced measurements for quality medicine's long-term development. Unibyte Kids is the finest solution for you if you are seeking an anti-allergic pharma company and have any questions. You can easily connect with our firm.

Benefits of Having Antiallergic Medicine for Pharma Business in India

Unibyte Kids has been a leader in offering high-quality pharmaceutical products since its inception. The company operates in an ethical manner and communicates with all of its clients in a transparent manner. Many associates have linked with us as a result of our professionalism in our work. Customers have exclusively given us positive comments up to this point. For excellent production, we have such a team of skilled and experienced individuals on our side. While working with us, you will undoubtedly earn money and gain valuable experience. The following are some of the advantages of working with us as a pharmaceutical business associate:
  • Unique monopoly Rights
  • Promotional Backup
  • Regular updates
  • Less Investment
  • Good returns on Investment
  • Great marketing Strategies
Unibyte Kids is the top pharmaceutical firm in India for Pharma business that deals with antiallergic drugs. Many pharma professionals desire to work with us since our company adheres to very high-quality standards.