Image Name Packing Composition Visual Aids
Pagdol P 60ml With Carton Promethazine 5mg + Paracetamol 125mg Suspension Details
Olango 30ml With Carton+Dropper Ondansetron Oral Solution 2 mg (DPCO) Details
Uzidom 30ml With Carton Domperidone 1mg/ml Syrup Details

High-Quality Antiemetic Range For PCD Pharma Franchise

Antiemetic is a medication that helps to treat nausea and vomiting. This medicine stops the vomiting feeling when the patient is sick. In the market many types of Antiemetic is available and they also work in a different way. Some of the antiemetics reduce the chemical Production in the body that can cause Vomiting or Nausea and others work by slowing down the movement of the stomach and intestines. Antiemetics are commonly used for many treatments such as Chemotherapy, surgery, and Radiation therapy. This medicine is also used to control motion sickness and stomach Bugs during pregnancy.

If you are going to take Antiemetic medicine. We advise you to get in touch with your doctor and Pharmacist. Your doctor will provide you the information about the dosage and lifestyle advice. If you are looking for an Antiemetic medicine for your business then Unibyte Kids is the best company for you. They provide the best quality Antiemetic and other healthcare products for kids. 

Demand for Antiemetic medicines in the market

The demand for antiemetic medicines, which are used to treat nausea and vomiting, is very high in the market. These medicines are used for various conditions like motion sickness, side effects of medications, infections, pregnancy-related nausea, and after surgery. There are many reasons why people need antiemetic drugs. One reason is that there is an increasing number of older people in the world who are more likely to get diseases like cancer that require antiemetic treatment. 

Another reason is that people who have chemotherapy feel sick and throw up, so they need good medicines to help them feel better. In 2023, the worldwide antiemetic market was valued at $2. 3 billion, and it's expected to increase to $4. 1 billion by 2031. This means that many people are taking these medicines to feel good. However, the need for these medicines may vary in different areas of the world, depending on the people who live there and how healthcare is given.

Why Unibyte Kids is the Best Company for Antiemetic Medicines?

Unibyte Kids is a growing pediatric pharmaceutical company in India that offers a wide range of high-quality medicines for children and We are known for providing the highest-quality medicines for children. Here are some reasons why we are best for Antiemetic Medicines.

  • Different Antiemetic: As a leading Prdiactric company we provide Antiemetic medicines for different ranges. Our Antiemetic comes in three different compositions such as Domperidone,  Ondansetron Oral Solution, Promethazine and Paracetamol Suspension.
  • Effectiveness: Our Antiemetic medicines are highly effective and good in quality and provide positive results in patients.
  • PCD Franchise Opportunity:  We offer PCD franchise opportunities for Entrepreneurs who are new in the pharma industry. 
  • Low Price and High-Profit Margin: All Antiemetic Medicines come at low prices that can allow people to afford them easily and help Saler to make high-profit margins.

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