Pediatric PCD Company in Mumbai

Pediatric PCD Company in Mumbai – Unibyte Kids is the largest and fastest-growing pediatric franchise company. We provide a vast range of quality medication for kids and infants. Our products are manufactured under complete care and full safety. All of the production, from formulation to packing, is done with top-of-the-line materials. The raw materials are obtained from reputable pharmaceutical vendors with extensive experience in the industry. Our products are launched with certification from FSSAI, FDA, and DCGI and we have gained the position of the best Pediatric PCD Company in Mumbai.

The range of products offered by Unibyte Kids covers various medications like anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic range, antibiotic, anti-allergic medicines, multivitamins, etc. The production units of the company are located in excise duty-free areas which reduce the taxes on the products and make the products available at affordable rates. Our company is widely known for our genuine and reliable franchise services and thus, we are known as the leading Pediatric PCD Company in Mumbai.

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Top Pediatric Franchise Company – Unibyte Kids

Our company is supported by the best pharmacists who manufacture the products with quality raw material collected from the most trusted merchants. Unibyte Kids is a widely known pharma company that provides supreme quality drugs. We are engaged in the production, sales, and trade of quality pediatric drugs. Our production units are highly certified by GMP-WHO. The research and development department of the company is constantly working on the formation of new and innovative formulations. We welcome people from the city to associate with us and establish their own business. Some major benefits that we provide to our associates include:

  • We provide our colleagues with monopoly rights so that they may work in a less competitive marketplace with the same brand.
  • We have our own manufacturing units that are located in excise duty-free areas.
  • The spacious storage warehouses of the company are well-ventilated and completely hygienic where we keep our products under special care.
  • The vast distribution network of the company enables timely delivery of the stock.
  • Our products are launched with complete verification from ISO, DCGI, WHO and GMP.
  • The marketing support that we offer to our clients helps them in enhancing their business presence.

Expansive Range of quality Pediatric Products

Unibyte Kids is a renowned pharma company that provides a quality pediatric range. All the products offered by our company are manufactured in the company-owned; WHO and GMP certified production plants. The raw material that we use in the production of our drugs is collected from the best and trusted merchants of the industry. Our experts are highly skilled and experienced and they have deep knowledge about the drugs and formulations they prepare. We opt for the best packaging methods which keep the products safe from dust and the outer atmosphere. The variety of products that we provide covers:

  • Tablets
  • Syrups
  • Drops
  • Suspensions
  • Injections
  • Dry syrups
  • Herbal range, etc.

Promotional tools offered by our company

Unibyte Kids is a widely known pediatric company that provides business services in all regions of the nation including Mumbai. The company provides great marketing backup to our clients that helps them in creating awareness about the business and the brand. This enables us to select from a wide selection of instruments capable of drawing more potential customers and establishing brand recognition. The best marketing tactics are offered to assist you in increasing your profit chances and earning a high income. Our firm provides a range of promotional tools, which include:

  • MR Bags
  • Gifts like pens, calendars, diaries, and notebooks
  • Visiting cards
  • Company letterhead
  • Visual profile for company
  • Detailed Visual-aid
  • Chemist order book
  • Reminder cards
  • List of products, etc.

Quality measures taken at Unibyte Kids

Quality of our formulations is the prime aim at our company. We ensure all our products are safe and effective for the kids and do not harm them in any way. The production units of the company are highly advanced and are located in excise duty-free areas. Unibyte Kids offers the finest QA/QC technique in the industry, delivering high-quality medication formulations in Schedule M units. Our quality and research specialists are dedicated to providing safe innovative medication solutions to the Indian market.

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