7 Reasons To Use Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil

7 Reasons To Use Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil - There are a variety of benefits that babies get by getting massaged. Not only does it strengthen the bond between the parents and the babies, but it also supports the feeling of being relaxed and much healthier and also induces better sleep. There are a good number of researches that were conducted and it showed that healthy development is made possible very easily by it. In today’s blog, we are going to cover the topic 7 Reasons To Use Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil

There are tons of brands that are made available in the Indian market and they offer a lot of baby massage oils under various categories such as herbal baby oils, and ayurvedic baby oils. Herbal Baby Massage Oil is one of the best ways to make the baby sleep peacefully without being disturbed. Childhood years are the ones in which we grow the most, as it lengthens the bones, the muscles are able to become sturdier and the sense organs are given a chance to get stronger. The brain also is able to grow properly so that a healthy and proper development of the baby becomes possible. Today you are going to see 7 Reasons To Use Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil.

Best Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil 2022 

There is a good number of herbal and ayurvedic brands that are available in the Indian market which consists of the top ayurvedic baby massage oil. There are a lot of activities that the baby does during the growth stages and it is very important to use the highly prescribed toddler massage oil in India so that they can have proper growth in the early stages. No doubt that the proper growth of a kid is made possible by eating a proper diet but one of the best additional options that one can opt for is to use the most recommended baby massage oil. 

UNIKID Baby Massage Oil 

Unibyte Kids has come up with the top ayurvedic baby massage oil in 2022. Its name is UNIKID Baby Massage Oil and it is a herbal formulation of various herbal and natural ingredients that are time-tested remedies to provide a good number of benefits to the child on which it is massaged. It is essential to use baby oil that offers a nourishing experience for babies. This herbal baby massage oil is a 100% natural baby oil made by using top-notch herbal raw material that is derived by ayurvedic pharma experts that are having a good amount of experience in the pharma sector. Various natural and herbal ingredients are added to it including ashwagandha, Bala, nirgundi, neem, shatavari, Daru Haldi, amia, majith,badam oil,jaitoon oil,till, and much more. Being a combination of all kinds of ayurvedic ingredients, it is free from any possible side effects.

Benefits of Using UNIKID Baby Massage Oil:

  • It improves the digestion process which aids the process of a healthier overall growth of the individual.
  • The blood circulation in the whole body is also increased so that every organ gets developed in a proper manner.
  • The baby's skin is also properly nourished making it more clear and fair in look.
  • This herbal toddler massage oil is prepared by using the best possible 100% organic raw material.
  • It effectively soothes, nourishes, protects, and softens delicate skin leaving it healthy and radiant.
  • This oil has a low viscosity texture & unique molecular structure, it easily gets absorbed and penetrated into the skin layers.

Direction For Use:

  • Prefer massaging this oil in the morning or in the evening, especially when the stomach of the baby is empty. 
  • The baby should be seated or spread on a tub in order to begin the massage process.
  • Then make the oil gently warm and start applying it to the whole body.
  • Gently massage the whole body without applying excess pressure on the baby.
  • After the massage gets completed, cover the baby in some clothes and make sure he remains warm and untouched by the cold wind.
  • It is best to make the baby bath with lukewarm water after doing the massage for attaining the best possible results.

Top 7 Benefits Of Using Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil 

There are a lot of advantages that the kid and babies can get by getting massaged by using the top ayurvedic oil for massage in India. The process of massaging the babies is known as Abhyanga and it works in a very great manner to develop the bond between the mother and the child. The sense of touch or tactile sensation creates a sense of security and also pleasure in both the mother and the child. Have a look at the top 7 advantages of using herbal baby massage oil for babies. 

  • The baby massage is very helpful to increase Neuromuscular wellness.
  • The luster of the skin gets improved a lot. 
  • It also acts very well to increase the immunity of the child so that he can fight any common infection.
  • It improves the natural sleep quality of the child.
  • The thermoregulation that is the control of the control is also made possible.
  • Proper weight gain is also made possible by its usage. 
  • The overall growth and development of the toddler/baby are also made possible.


There was a time when the doctors negated the idea of toddler massage by calling it unhygienic & unscientific but nowadays they themselves are agreeing over the fact this is very much beneficial for the babies. Many types of research have proved that during the massage hormones like Oxytocin are released creating a pleasurable feeling in both the mom and the child. It also acts very well to increase the mental bonding between the parents and the kid.