Pediatric Medicines Manufacturer in India

Pediatric Medicines Manufacturer in India - Unibyte Kids is an authentic pharma company that solely deals in a vast range of pediatric products. The company is widely appreciated for the top-quality drug range that we offer. All the products at our company are manufactured with high-quality raw extracts under the strict supervision of the best pharmacists in the industry. The production units of the company are armed with the best machinery and technologies that help us in the production of highly safe and effective products. With certifications from the top organizations like ISO, DGCI, WHO and GMP, our company deals in an extensive range of topmost quality product range.

Our company takes special care of the formulations as the products are further to be used for kids, so the pharma experts in our production units ensure that the formulations are effective on the conditions of the kids and have no side effects. Besides the supreme quality products, we offer manufacturing services in the pediatric range across the country. We have connections with the leading pharma companies that are engaged in the trade and supply of pediatric range. We offer them our services so they can save the money they were to spend on the production units and spend the same on their business.

Top Pediatric Third Party Manufacturing Company – Unibyte Kids

Unibyte Kids is the best pharma manufacturing company in India that solely deals in the pediatric range of medicines. With years of experience and expertise, we are offering our manufacturing services at the PAN India level. Our team of skilled and trained pharma professionals is highly capable of producing top-quality drug range in bulk amount. All the formulations are tested multiple times and are launched after the complete satisfaction of our pharmacists. With Biophar Lifesciences, you have a great future waiting at your doorsteps. Collaborate with us and get access to the following advantages.

  • DGCI-ISO verified products
  • Best QA/QC standard applied
  • Upgraded technologies and machinery
  • Skilled and experienced staff
  • WHO-GMP certified company
  • Self-owned manufacturing units
  • Global Logistics Partner Network

Quality Assured Pediatric Range at Unibyte Kids

At Unibyte Kids, we take special care of the quality of our products. All our products are widely appreciated by several doctors and paediatricians. To give better health to the future of India, we ensure to provide products that are highly safe and secure for kids and infants. Our production units are equipped with the latest and advanced technologies along with highly skilled and talented pharma professionals who have deep knowledge about the extracts and the formulations they are meant to prepare. We are capable of manufacturing bulk stock and deliver it to you on time. We also offer customized product manufacturing services. Our product range includes medicines in different segments covering:

  • Analgesic/ Anti inflammatory Medicines
  • Anti-allergic/Anti-asthmatic Products
  • Antibiotic Syrups
  • Anticholinergics/antispasmodics Drops
  • Anti-Cold & Cough Syrup
  • Anti-Ulcer Medicines
  • Cholecalciferol/ Vitamin D3 Drops
  • Digestive enzymes Drugs
  • Hematinic/Folic Acid (Oral) Products
  • Multivitamin Drops
  • Multivitamin Syrup
  • PreBiotic & Probiotics Range
  • Rexigenic, or Appetite stimulant Medicines
  • Worm Medicine (Anthelmintics)
  • Zinc Syrup etc

Requirements to Apply for Pediatric Pharma Manufacturing Services 

To collaborate with Unibyte Kids is the easiest way to get the top-quality drug range at affordable rates. We provide an extensive range of quality formulations that are highly suitable for kids. The best part is the pharma companies do not have to invest a single penny on establishing the manufacturing plants; they can get the best possible services from our company and get supreme quality products under their brand name. To associate with us, there are some basic requirements which one have to fulfil. They need to submit some documents including:

  • Company Profile
  • Drug License
  • Agreement for Manufacturing
  • Goods and Sales Tax number (GST Number)
  • Certificate for Non-Resemblance
  • PAN card number and Aadhar card number

Why Unibyte Kids for Pediatric Products Manufacturing?

The authentic pharma company, Unibyte Kids, offers manufacturing services across the nation. Collaborating with our company is a great business deal you can have. We offer several lucrative benefits to all our associating companies. They do not have to invest money in setting up a manufacturing unit. We are capable of providing top-class products at affordable rates. The companies can spend the amount on their trade and business. We have a widespread distribution network that helps us in the timely delivery of your stock. The manufacturing units of the company are located in excise duty-free areas which reduce the taxes and assist us in providing cost-effective products.

Various Packaging techniques followed at Our Company

Packaging is an important point for the manufacturing company. It not only attracts more customers but also helps in retaining the product safe from the outer atmosphere and keeps the formulations safe from dust and contamination. Good quality packaging saves the product from spillage or leakage and so we opt for the top packaging methods to keep the formulations safe and secure from contamination as well as leakage. At Unibyte Kids, we use a wide variety of packaging for different products and formulations. The variety of packaging techniques followed at Unibyte Kids includes:

  • PVC Based Combinations (Blister/Alu-Alu)
  • Aluminium foil (Alu=Alu)
  • Bottles
  • Injectibles/ Vials
  • Paper Board
  • Blister
  • Cartons, etc.

Terms and Conditions 

To join hands with the leading Pediatric manufacturing company in India, there are some certain terms and conditions which you may know about and you must agree to it. Before collaborating, remember to read all the conditions and do the required amendments as per your requirements. After signing the contract on mutual agreement, you must not pull out and issue later. Some of the most common terms that you will have to consider include:

  • Associating partners will be responsible for transportation costs.
  • Stock cost does not include promotional costs.
  • Authentic transactions with no secret terms.
  • A half-payment is required when placing an order for stock, followed by a full payment upon delivery.
  • The client's credit history will be checked before granting credit.