10 Cancerous Chemicals To Strictly Avoid In Your Baby Products

10 Cancerous Chemicals To Strictly Avoid In Your Baby Products - Being a mother means being caring and loving in one way or another. Some get paranoid just by thinking that whether the products that they are using for their babies are safe or not. Who doesn’t wants to use the best possible pediatric products for their babies? Everyone does. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about the 10 Cancerous Chemicals To Strictly Avoid In Your Baby Products.

There is a lot of option which are made in such a manner so as to make sure that the skin of the baby remains protected in the right manner. The thing to be worried about is the chemicals that are added to the baby care products. Avoiding using toxic chemicals is the main thing that one must keep an eye on as using the wrong product has toxins and chemicals. To aid people in choosing the right baby care products, we are going to cover the topic 10 Cancerous Chemicals To Strictly Avoid In Your Baby Products. 

List Of Cancer-Causing Chemicals In Baby Products

There are various brands in the market that don’t reveal the ingredients in the baby care products that they offer. It may also come to the notice of people that infants are at more risk of getting affected by carcinogenic chemicals than adults. Furthermore, children gather 50% of their lifetime cancer just by their second birthday. That’s why it is very crucial to look for the description of the baby care product that the parents are using because only then one will be able to get a hold on knowing the fact whether their products are having any kind of chemicals or not. Following is the list of the harmful chemicals and toxins that are added most of the time in baby care products.

1. PEG

There are various chemicals that are linked with the family of polyethylene glycols that are found across various derma care products such as lotions, shampoos, and creams. It being a carcinogenic petroleum ingredient reduces the natural moisture of the skin. It also increases the appearance of aging and then leaves the skin more vulnerable to the bacteria. That’s why one must keep an eye to see whether the product has this toxin or not.

2. Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)

SLES is another harmful chemical that has been conceived as one of the most harmful cancer-causing chemicals in baby care products. The reason for this being used is its nature as it provides a foamy appeal to the baby products. Being one of the most harmful irritants it can be so delicate on the skin and it can also reduce the rate of growth of the eyes. The immune system can also get damaged a lot by the availability of this toxin. 

3. Parabens

Parabens are another harmful chemical that is found in many kinds of products. It can be found in baby care products such as baby shampoos and baby lotions. They are one of the major reasons for causing cancer tumors, hormone disruption, skin irritation, reproductive toxicity, and much more. Baby wipes may also have this harmful chemical and therefore one must keep an eye over the description of the product that the parents are using for their infants. 

4. 1,4-Dioxane

Ethoxylation is another name in the List Of Cancer-Causing Chemicals In Baby Products that is used to provide mildness due to having some harsh ingredients in some baby care products. To obtain it, petrochemical ethylene oxide is used which is another cancer-causing agent. Being a neurotoxicant, respiratory toxicant, and kidney toxicant, one must keep an eye for the name of the same baby care product that they are using. 

5. Mineral Oil

Benign is cheap oil, it is added in many forms of baby care products. Basically, it is a cheap by-product of petroleum processing and it literally looks like a plastic wrap on the skin. They are mixed with some other ingredients and fragrances so that one can’t differentiate between them and other ingredients in the final baby care product. In nature, it is colorless, transparent, and also odorless, and also tasteless. 

6 Fragrance

The fragrance is the combination of different scent chemicals that are undisclosed and their names aren’t disclosed. There are various products that are made available such as body powder, baby wash, shampoo, lotion, and many more. There is much evidence that exposure to various forms of fragrance may lead to asthma and causes neurological, skin, and other disorders. That‘s why one must keep their focus on seeing whether baby care products are having this ingredient or not.

7 Talc

Talc is another harmful toxin or we may also be called it a cancerous chemical that is very harmful to the babies in any way used. This may be adulterated with asbestos fibers that may cause respiratory toxicity and cancer also in many cases hence it is included in the list of cancer-causing chemicals In baby products. Many studies have already proved that the usage of talc is very toxic as well as carcinogenic. Most of the time it is found in baby powder but still, it is a lung irritant. 

8 Octinoxate

There are a good number of creams that have this ingredient called octinoxate and it is an endocrine disruptor and that’s why it is linked with endometriosis and reproductive problems of many kinds. No doubt that it protects the skin from harmful UV rays but its long-term usage may cause a rise in the risk of skin cancer. Being one of the most widely used chemical compounds in many forms of baby care products, one must keep an eye on the usage of this chemical. 

9 Preservatives 

There are a lot of preservatives that contain benzoic acid that generates benzene. Benzene then is a proven carcinogen that is directly linked with leukemia and other kinds of blood cancers. Most of the time it is added to many baby products such as baby shampoo and baby lotions. Formaldehyde is another preservative that is considered a probable carcinogen by the Environmental Protection Agency and hence the parents must keep an eye on the addition of this ingredient in various baby care products.

10 Phthalates 

Phthalates are another commonly used chemical that is added to various forms of baby care products such as baby lotions, baby massage oils, and baby care shampoo. It is a part of fragrances and hence it is not listed among the list the ingredients that are added to the baby care products. There are various shocking effects of this toxin such as it damaging the kidney/ liver birth defects, early breast development in girls, and decreased sperm count. 


To conclude everything, we want to let people make people aware of the fact that our babies were handed to us by mother nature. Hence it becomes our duty to make sure that they are being taken care of properly in the right manner so that they remain free from any kind of health ailment in the future.