Obnetic OR

Ofloxacin 50mg + Ornidazole 125mg + Racecadotril 10mg Suspension

Brand Name: Obnetic OR

Composition : Ofloxacin 50mg + Ornidazole 125mg + Racecadotril 10mg Suspension

Packing : 30ml With Carton

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Ofloxacin 50mg + Ornidazole 125mg + Racecadotril 10mg Suspension belongs to the class of medication known as antidiarrheal used to treat diarrhoea that tours due to infections. It is a condition in which bowel movements are too frequent, leading to loose and watery stools. In general infection of the digestive tract is the common cause of diarrhoea or different types of bacteria can cause infection. Ofloxacin is an antibiotic and inhibits DNA gyrase required for the replication, transcription, and repair of the DNA of the bacteria, Ornidazole works by inhibiting protein synthesis and leading to cell death, therefore killing the bacteria. Racecadotril restores the good bacteria in the gut which are destroyed by antibiotics. The combination of these medications helps in treating bacterial infections.

Uses of Ofloxacin 50mg + Ornidazole 125mg + Racecadotril 10mg Suspension:

This is a combination of three medicines that is used to treat diarrhoea and kills the bacteria by preventing them from reproducing and repairing themselves. It is also an antibiotic that kills bacteria and other microorganisms by damaging DNA. Together, it is used to treat the infection effectively and reduces the secretion of water and electrolytes from the intestine which decreases fluid loss during diarrhoea. Here are some indications mentioned below;

  • Used to treat diarrhoea and dysentery due to mixed infections.
  • Prevent irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Protect from prophylaxis and treatment of postoperative infections.
  • Also used to treat recurrent clostridium difficile infections.

Side Effects of Ofloxacin 50mg + Ornidazole 125mg + Racecadotril 10mg Suspension:

  • Digestive disorders, hypersensitivity, Nausea, Pain in the abdomen, and CNS disturbances, if any of these side effects may occur or get worsen, tell your doctor immediately or get medical attention.
  • Remember that Ofloxacin 50mg + Ornidazole 125mg + Racecadotril 10mg suspension has been prescribed because your doctor has judged the advantages to you greater than the risk of side effects.
  • Tell your doctor if you have any serious side effects or signs of a new infection such as kidney problems, liver problems, stomach pain, vomiting, or vertigo, skin rash, etc.
  • Get medical attention right away if you have any serious side effects such as severe dizziness, fainting, irregular heartbeat, etc.

Direction for use:

  • Take this suspension only as prescribed by your doctor and do not take more of it, do not take it more often, and do not take it for a long period than your doctor advises you.
  • You can take this suspension with or without food. Drinking the penalty of liquids, while you are being treated with this suspension or drinking penalty water, will help to prevent some serious side effects.
  • Keep using this suspension for full-time treatment, even if you feel better after the first dose, if your infection may not clear up if you stop the medication on time.
  • Ofloxacin 50mg + Ornidazole 125mg + Racecadotril 10 mg comes with a full medication guide, read all the instructions carefully, or consult your doctor if you have any questions.


  • Ofloxacin 50mg + Ornidazole 125mg + Racecadotril 10mg Suspension passed into breast milk, therefore it is not recommended to be used while breastfeeding talk to the doctor before taking it to know all the risks and advantages of this suspension.
  • This may cause muscle damage usually on the tendons that surround the ankle and talk to the doctor if you feel pain or a tingling sensation in your muscle.
  • This suspension may cause dizziness or visual disturbances, thus avoiding performing activities that require mental alertness like driving vehicles or operating medicine after taking Ofloxacin 50mg + Ornidazole 125mg + Racecadotril 10mg.
  • This suspension also makes you more sensitive to sunlight or tanning lights. Use sunscreen or wear protective clothing to avoid reactions before stepping outside.


Store Ofloxacin 50mg + Ornidazole 125mg + Racecadotril 10mg Suspension at room temperature, away from heat, moisture, and direct light. Keep out of the reach of the children and do not store this medication in the bathroom.

Ofloxacin 50mg + Ornidazole 125mg + Racecadotril 10mg Suspension Manufacturer and Supplier:

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